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(Isaiah 52:7-10) what greater purpose it is to be call in this dispensation to be witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ to to fulfill the prophetic words of Isaiah to the last recorded words of Jesus in Matthew's gospel (Matthew 28:18-20) The great commission".



the Royal protocol of his church reminding us to continue this purpose he has passed on to his followers, to go and make disciples teaching them to observe his royal commandments. Our effectiveness by prayer and consecration & the Word of Jehovah/God demonstrating the God kind of love, will result in winning a multi-cultural society. A global glory to touch all nations. bringing about a fresh new intimacy that convicts the heart of the unbeliever; to believe, "each one reach one" thereby seeing the power of restoration transforming lives by the Spirit of the living God.



activating a revival in our community, city, region, in state causing a realignment of the nations. Jehovah is calling forth his king's in the earth reigning in imperial power!


Apostle's Dennis & Toya Brown (Amen).

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Every 1st Sunday Of The Month 2:00PM-CST

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