The Apostolic Kingdom Dual Team.


Apostle Dennis G Brown & Prophet Toya D.Brown are the native of Baltimore city. They both had an phenomenal encounter and experience with the "Spirit" of the Living God. Like Apostle Paul in the new testament scripture (Acts 9-7).


After those experiences they both surrendered their lives & Hearts to Jesus. Developed in growth, at Faith Christian Center. Under the leadership of the late Senior Pastor Richard W. Philips and Co-Pastor Sandra Phillips. Now, Apostle, Dr. Sandra Hayden of Baltimore MD.


They served on staff in the Ministry of helps, and as Intercessors, and Toya D.Brown as a Greeter, they were on the Praise and Worship team, they attended the first Psalmist School of ministry., Established by the late Richard W. Phillips and Apostle D G.Brown, also was a student and graduated at, "Zoe Bible College.


Apostle D G.Brown and Co-Pastor Toya D.Brown made their transition from Baltimore to North Carolina where they have been ministering the kingdom of God's word, for over 19 teen years.


Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Matthew 6:10


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